Aryan Brotherhood hosts MUN conference in Taiwan

GAFFNEY, SC—The Aryan Brotherhood has been moving to Taiwan in recent years in their attempt to become an internationally recognized nonprofit organization. In an unexpected turn of events, the leadership of the prison gang announced that it will host a Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Taiwan in order to reaffirm an image of legitimacy they have long struggled to maintain.

Although the organization has not publicly announced the venue of the conference, sources confirm that it will be held somewhere in the Central Mountain Range, where the ethnic and cultural diversity of Taiwanese indigenous tribes may help foster a climate of tolerance, acceptance, and other values conducive to international diplomacy.

The conference will consist completely of Caucasian Protestants, who the Brotherhood claim are in the best position to spread peace and love. “We at the Aryan Brotherhood believe that the best way to contribute to world peace is to find open minded individuals who can respect our hegemony,” said Marcus Washington, one of only five hundred members of the powerful prison gang. “Only when people have accepted our hegemony can we call what we are doing a collaborative endeavor. Only when people are unquestioningly and reliably subservient to the Brotherhood can we begin to spread the word of God.”

Taipei has remained silent on the matter despite growing international pressure on both the prison gang and the island nation to elaborate on the situation.

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