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Belligerent Krav Maga master refuses to stop grabbing groins

Krav Maga master Eli Gould insists on grabbing his pupils' groins

JERUSALEM—In spite of his students’ complaints, Krav Maga master Eli Gould refused to stop grabbing his students’ groins. Gould, 35, is also a Mossad agent who allegedly killed Hamas operative Mazen Fuqaha in March 2017.

In 1976, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) began a rigorous program that advocated groin-grabbing as an effective offensive strategy, proclaiming it to be indispensable to national security. Gould, who was well-aware of the strategic benefits of groin-grabbing, added that it has “much cultural significance.” He said, “This is the way my father did things. This is the way my grandfather did things. This is the way the Shin Bet does things. It’s Israeli. It’s a lifestyle that needs to be respected.”

Yet, not all of Gould’s students would agree. Bradley Sinclair, an exchange student from Pennsylvania, lamented that Gould’s “excessive groping has taken a toll on my physical and emotional health,” claiming that his coach’s  behavior is “a dishonorable and underhanded way of resolving conflicts.”

Gould apparently does not intend to heed his students’ complaints. “Any Krav Maga practitioner worth his salt has balls of steel,” he snapped. “Fight me and grow a pair.”

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