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‘Yes Man’ clashes with Knights Who Say ‘Ni’, says ‘no’ to shrubbery donation

A suspicious man smilingly guards his shrubbery

COLUMBUS, OH—The Knights Who Say “Ni” were notified by hikers of a suspicious man in Hocking Hills yesterday. At 5:00 p.m., the Knights investigated the area, where they encountered a shirtless man holding a sign that bore the word “YES” in large, orange letters.

The Knights attempted to extract information from the man, allegedly screaming “Ni!” for nearly an hour before asking him if he has shrubbery.  The taciturn man said, “Yes. We say yes.” Much to the Knights’ chagrin, the man promptly rebuffed their demand for shrubbery, saying “no.”

Sources report that the man is still in possession of a sizable amount of exquisite shrubbery that is highly sought after by the Knights.

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