‘You like that, bruh? Yeah, you do’: Man gets six-pack by talking to himself

SEATTLE—Struggling with his last set of shoulder presses, Jimmy put on his war face, verbally encouraged himself, and got a six-pack.

“You can do this, bruh. Yes you can. Come on, bruh. Pump that shit. You like that, bruh? You like that shit? Yeah, you do. Yeah, you do,” he said to himself before his midriff shed ten pounds of fat to reveal stunning, washboard abs.

Jimmy has been hitting the gym once a week for the past two weeks, but had not seen much improvement until this morning, when he decided to use words of encouragement on himself. “It’s literally insane that I’ve never thought of doing that,” said Jimmy. “I see guys do it to other guys all the time, so, I thought, why can’t I do that to myself? Then I said, ‘Of course you can, bruh. Of course’.”

The successful bodybuilder also maximizes his workout efficiency by drinking a vanilla milkshake made of GNC’s Proprietary Thermosculpting Blend: X-treme ManShake Technology® while listening to his custom playlist consisting mostly of Alan Walker and Darude Sandstorm.

He advises everyone to drink a protein shake always after working out, never before, and always with organic soy milk kept at room temperature.

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