Not talking to each other key to resolving marital conflicts


Calling each other “irrational” and “annoying,” potato farmer Tom Bruise and his wife Lucy quickly resolved all marital conflicts by not talking to each other. “It totally works,” said Bruise. “Ever since we resolved to shut our respective traps, I’ve been angrily washing the dishes while she texts her friends, and we get along just fine.”

The couple reported increased sleep quality since they stopped talking to each other. During bedtime, they would face opposite directions with their eyes wide open in the dark. “The empty gap between us on the mattress keeps growing, and I keep feeling that I might fall off the bed,” the husband said, elaborating on his marital life. “And the sex is awesome. I jerk off and eat Doritos all day. Awesome.”

Lucy explained to reporters, “My husband doesn’t want to talk, and that’s fine. He’s just being himself. As his wife, I support him and his being himself and everything he does. He can be his own sad little bitch self who fap fap faps away ’til the second coming.”

Tom and Lucy indicate that, since remaining silent, the resentment that has festered in their marriage for the past five years has all but dissipated. “I love her,” said Tom. “I love him,” said Lucy, rolling her eyes. “I’m so grateful we’ve decided to shut the fuck up.”

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  1. My great grandma would get mad to my great grandpa and she wouldn’t speak to him for months… he didn’t even know why she was mad and probably never found out 😂 so I think Lucy and her husband might be right. My great grandparents stayed married for 65 years tulle death did them apart… I’ll shut the fork up from now on 😉

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  2. Your grandpa must’ve been totally confused! I’ve learned that it’s better to shut the fuck up and think before saying anything stupid.



  1. Not talking to each other key to resolving marital conflicts — The Bald Beagle | idiotprufs

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