Help – a bilingual short story

I go to uptowner store to buy a french fry and i say give me a french fry i want french fry how much?’ the yellow hair man say ‘five bucks’ i give him money he say something to his friend i dont know what he say but he come here and he say something like ‘here’s your fucking french fry, chink’ i say ‘thank you but why you say fuck to me?’ then he say something to his friends again and he come to me and he hit me.

Then i say ‘stop! Stop! I call police’ but he say something like ‘Dude, get the rope’ they come to here and they tie me my legs and take my pants i have no pants i lie there then they take broomstick put it in my asshole. I say ‘help! Help!’ they hurting me but no one come save me. They laugh me and laugh and laugh hahaha they say ‘Come over here and look at this stupid fucking chink. Hey, open your fucking eyes! Orchestra’s on the other side of campus!’ that’s all i remember then they take out scissors and cut my hair and skin and nose.

I say stop stop stop stop stop cant you see i cant speak english good i just working in grocery store to helping my friend. They laugh me and say ‘speak english or go home, you hear me? You let me hear any more of your ching chang chong shit and I’ll fucking kill you and your entire fucking family and make sure I fuck your bitch wife before I cut your little dick off, you hear me? And she’s gonna moan like the fucking whore she is and i say stop stop why you doing this to me i just try to make money and survive.

I wake up i am in hospital. Doctor say to me get some rest i dont know what is rest i just know i want back home i am tired but he leave me alone for long time the nurse come give me water i drink water she say something to other man nurse and they laugh. I dont know what so funny.

i go home i say ‘honey where are you’ my wife missing. I tell a police my wife missing and he say something i don’t understand he say ‘anybody know chinese here?’ something like that i don’t know what he say but he just sit there and do nothing you know and so i go back home and call my friend Chang his english bad badder then my english. He say Chinese ‘we go kill these fuckers we kill them then we kill their family’ i say lets go.

we get gun 9mm and shotgun we get in car drive back to store. White guy still standing same place smoking. I get out car say ‘hey you fucker fuck you i kill you’ he drop smoke run away then come back with other white guys. They shoot.

Now i in the big trouble i don’t know doing what now two polices here they take me away and say i do ASSAULT WITH A DEADLY WEAPON i don’t know what to do please help

I give you money all money i have i have not much but in bank have some money need lawyer.

No lawyer i need BAIL BOND 1,000,000USD get out find my wife

Her name CHEN MEI-LING she short thin black hair black eye very beautiful i love her so much she wear red clothes some blue and white she i dont see her five days help she no speak english

Go to CHEN WEI-LUN he teach STANFORD UNIVERSITY know english very good he tell you who i am please trust me i dont know you you dont know me if no help me i die

Our address 


CA 32503


(615) 492-2387

We drive green Honda Civic number is


Please please please help i write chinese if you read you go to a good police i need go soon people coming here is chinese


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